St. Simons Island Vacation Rentals - Beach Resorts of Georgia

Pass through a colonnade of live oaks, Spanish moss dangling in the breeze. Walk on the brown beaches and view the salty, blue-green ocean, as red saturates the sky. Be on the look-out for large sea turtles burying eggs. Follow birds flying over the marshes. Many reasons bring visitors to St. Simons Island, Georgia, among them being the beauty and the slow-pace island time, away from it all. In this beach resorts of Georgia you'll find many vacation rentals, on or close to the beach: houses, cottages, cabins, condos, apartments, or luxury villas. To learn about nature, tour by bus or foot. The nature center will give a name to the abundance of animals, waters, and land. Tour the different historical landmarks, such as the lighthouse, churches, plantations, forts, and more. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, stories and legends on the ghost tours will enthrall. Tour for dolphins. As St. Simons Island, Georgia, is steeped in history and overflowing with nature, not one acre of the island goes without a fascinating elucidation. Some museums to stop by are Mildred Huie Museum, St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum, Fort Frederica, and Jekyll Island Museum.

Houses & Condos for Rent on St. Simons Island

To enjoy at best all what St. Simons, Georgia, has to offer is advisable to stay in vacation rentals (houses, cabins, cottages, condos, apartments and villas) near the ocean, on one of the many beach resorts which can be found on the island. From there you can really see the beauty of the ocean, the quite solitude of the beaches, a part of the wild animals, and many other beauties of the nature. However, all lodging facilities are close to restautants, shops, or museums, so you don't have to worry about distances to travel. St. Simons Island, Georgia, is quiet and events do not crowd: get-togethers for classic films, jazz concerts, art exhibits, theatre performances and plays, arts and crafts festivals, antique shows, annual 4th of July parade, Black Heritage Festival celebrating Geechee and Gullah festivals, and more events happen. Check the calendar once on island, find an event, and join in. When shopping on St. Simons Island, notice that very few shops are franchises. Seek out rare antiques at the Oglethorpe Antiques and Interiors. The Artshoppe and Viola Market are just two art galleries, of which feature local, classical, or folk art. G.J. Ford is the largest independent bookstore in the "Golden Isles", carrying upwards of 10,000 titles. For just about everything in clothing, jewelry, home furnishing, shoes, Gogo and GoFish Clothing & Jewelry Co. are among the top places to shop. For the royal treatment, the New Horizon day spa fulfills that much need relaxation and pampering. Like the shops, very few restaurants are franchises. Southern cuisine from Charleston to New Orleans is a specialty at Blackwater Grille. George's Mediterranean Cafe brings the "Greek Isles to the Golden Isles". Eat Tex-ex at Bubba Garcia's. The Crab Trap is no tourist trap; visitors return for seafood in a casual rustic atmosphere. Breakfast at Dressner's Village Cafe is served all day. Home-made and gourmet is the fare at the Yum Yum Shop: Gourmet Deli & Sweet Shop. Just because you are on a vacation away from it all doesn't mean you have to lose connection: Bits, Bytes-N-Buns is an eccentric 50/60s style cafe with highspeed Internet access from onsite PCs; and it is in a WiFi hotspot. Hit Locos Deli & Pub for a late night brew and wings, while live music plays. Ziggy Mahoney's has been around for 20 years. Beach music, blues, disco, performance skits and impersonators are among the entertainment of this St. Simons Island favorite.

Lodging on the Beach

Summer heat and humid sensation will hit you and the marshes, live oaks, navy ocean will arrest your eyes. Head straight for the beach, swim and bask in the radiant sun. Your kids won't forget the hot sands and sandcastles and scuttling crabs. Your kids also will like the water park. Orient yourself with the island and you'll find more activities to do than one vacation will allow: kayak, surf, kite-surf, jet ski, water ski, fish, joy ride, take a casino or dinner cruise, sail, scuba dive, horseback ride, golf, play tennis, bike, bird-watch, or simply enjoy moments walking on the beach at dusk. Whether for romance or family vacation, whether for history buff, nature lover, or golfing fanatic, St. Simons Island, Georgia, will be a vacation experience to never forget. Finding quality lodging in comfortable vacation rentals (houses, cabins, cottages, villas, apartments or condos for rent) can be an issue in the summer because St. Simons, Georgia, has renowned beach resorts and many tourists choose it for their getaway. Renting a vacation property before season's begin is a good idea, so you can even rent one of the many luxury vacation rentals on a very affordable price.